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About Us

With a goal to provide the best possible customer service and a working environment that both support and benefit the employees, S&S Sheetmetal, Inc. was born. The company launched in 1990, was established by Bruce Shipley. Accompanying him, his two sons, Mike and Gary Shipley, followed Bruce to peel away from a respected local sheet metal company. By doing so, the three started their own business. Bruce’s two other sons, Paul and Allen Shipley, joined the business shortly after graduating high school, as well as Bruce’s wife, Jill, who joined the business that same year. As the years passed, Bruce and his sons were able to build a construction business model that revolved around performance, consistency, efficiency, and service to others. Today, S&S Sheetmetal, Inc. employs 25 to 30 techs in the field and 5 office staff full time.  The company prides itself on providing honest work they stand behind.

Mission Statement

We are committed to raise the bar and make our team the standard others are judged by in commitment of unsurpassed service, craftsmanship, loyalty and integrity to our customer and team.

Owners of S&S