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Waterproofing, Caulking, Joint Sealants, Coatings, Sealers and more!


WEATHER BARRIERS – A system to effectively seal the exterior envelope of a structure. Most used as a term for building wrap, but also includes roofing materials, under slab or crawl space materials, doors, windows and any penetration of the building that allows the unmetered transfer of air from the inside to the outside or the outside to the inside of a building.

WATERPROOFING – Prevents ground water from penetrating the inside of any below ground structure. Most commonly applied to the exterior of basements.

CAULKING/JOINT SEALANTS – The application of a putty, paste or liquid that remains flexible after curing to seal gaps and joints in building materials primarily to protect from the elements, but also to allow for movement between different building materials – i.e. a brick wall with an aluminum window.

TRAFFIC COATINGS – Generally applied to elevated decks (balconies, parking garages) to protect the surface they are applied to and the structure underneath from water, corrosion and general traffic. They also act as a wearing surface, decorative surface and a non skid surface.

SEALERS & GRAFFITI REPELLENTS – Sealers are applied to the exterior of buildings with porous surfaces like brick, block and concrete to seal the surface from water intrusion that can degrade the surface over time. They also protect against minor staining from the elements/environment.

Graffiti repellents are similar to sealers as the also protect the exterior from environmental degradation their main purpose is to protect from vandalism. Graffiti repellents use chemical technology that does not allow paints to bond with the substrate allowing the vandalism to be cleaned with no damage to the surface.

We use many manufacturers for our thermal and moisture protection. These are some of the most commonly used manufacturers;



  • Henry – fluid applied and self-adhered
  • Fortifiber & Pactiv – mechanically fastened
  • BASF – fluid applied
  • Tremco – self-adhered and fluid applied


  • Henry – fluid applied and self-adhered
  • Grace – self-adhered and blind side
  • BASF – fluid applied
  • Tremco – fluid applied and bentonite panel
  • Carlisle – fluid applied, self-adhered and bentonite panel



  • BASF – polyurethane and epoxy
  • Dow Corning – silicones
  • Tremco – polyurethane and silicone
  • Metzger-Meguire – epoxy and polyurea
  • Sika – polyurethane
  • Pecora – polyurethane and silicone
  • G.E. – silicone


  • Professional Products of Kansas – silicone sealers and graffiti repelants
  • Prosoco – siloxane and silane sealers and graffiti repellants


  • Tremco – pedestrian and vehicular
  • NeoGard – pedestrian, vehicular, chemical resistant, roofing and epoxy
  • BASF – pedestrian and vehicular
  • Pacific Polymers – pedestrian and vehicular